I'd like to take a moment to introduce long-time friend and filmmaker, Jake Stetler. Jake and I have been friends since our early days as audio and video drones in a production house, and now we are both out on our own; He is providing video production and and I am providing music scores for radio, video and film. But aside from his commercial services, he is passionate about writing for film. My first project with Jake was an original soundtrack for one his many short films, "Fallen Angel", and now we are engaging in post-production for his feature film, "No Sanctuary". We've always had great success with the filmscores and music tracks. It's exciting to get a video and then lay your musical interpretation of what's trying to be expressed. Short films and features are great to work on, simply because of the team of genuiuses who gather to produce a work of art. The folks on this crew were not only talented, but committed to making Jake's vision a reality.