"Now You Hear It, Now You Don't"

I am always getting unique and challenging music projects, and when Darcy Oake called for a custom score for his illusion act, I knew I had to take it on. With only 2 weeks until a slew of gigs in L.A., I needed to create a soundtrack that would synchronize to his tricks at specific cues. Timing would be crucial, both inside the composition itself, and the deadline of the scored music. He sent me his demo reel, and I composed music cues to line up exactly with each trick in the act. The music before each sting would have unique "mental cues" which would prepare him to get ready to reveal the trick. While I was composing each section of the act, Darcy was practicing and choreographing at home to my cues and approving as we went along. The end result was spectacular, and his shows now have a unique edge as the entire performance is scored with dramatic nail-biting music stings.

As a testimonial to Darcy, he is incredible. I am always curious how things work and this guy will boggle your mind with his illusions. A link to his site is below.

Darcy Oake
Darcy Oake, International Award-Winning Illusionist