There's really only one thing to mention here when discussing the idea of enhancing your company's image to bring in more sales - JINGLE! If you're attempting or currently involved in the competitive universe of broadcast advertising, you have to have some sort of unique and easily identifiable image. If you don't paint some type of memorable picture, your listeners/viewers tune out, and most likely won't even remember you had an ad on the air. The most results-producing method is a jingle.

To me, music is the most universal thing that people can relate to. And what are you really trying to do when promoting a product? You want people to relate, or connect, to whatever you are trying to sell. Music is something we all know, feel, and understand. Not everyone realizes the power it has over people, consciously or subconsciously.That said, it's not a surprise that music is used everywhere in advertising. What better way to make your company stand out from the rest! Imagine a song specifically designed to create an image in people's minds, and keep them singing it all day long. Result? More business! I truly believe that a company's sales figures and overall worth is not just a result of a good product, but good quality advertising.

I often hear friends or family say "that jingle is annoying" or "I am getting sick of hearing that silly song all the time". Of course they aren't referring to my work :), but in any case, the jingle, annoying or not, has already done its job. It has been implanted in their brains and will guarantee that they won't forget that your company exists.Custom music can also be used in employee videos, sales presentations, and other company projects unrelated to advertising. Customizing your presentations (even down to the music!) can really motivate employees instead of boring them to tears.Your company is your baby! Nurture it and let it grow to something bigger than it is today. By raising the bar, you can bring in more customers, more sales, and more abundance than you ever imagined.