Recently I hooked up with my old friend Dusty at his studio and my old stomping grounds, Fredrick Lee & Lloyd Studios. He came to me with lyrics he had written for a local car dealer, and needed music to create a superb auto jingle that would be remembered for ages. In addition to supplying lyrics, he would also supply the singers, and the copius amounts of coffee that would be consumed that morning. Knowing that calling me to do the music was the best decision he ever made, he asked me to sit in on the vocal session, and accompany his direction to the jingle singers. Since it was a while since I saw the studio, I didn't know what to expect. The studio is now shooting all video in high-definition, using Final-Cut Pro, Motion, and all of the other top-of-the-line programs to render their projects. The jingle session went very smoothly and faster than I expected. The talent nailed the vocal parts as usual and they were out of there in no time. Our engineer Dean was more than helpful, quick and precise, and even allowed me to adjust faders while listening back to the mix.