Music Demos
So, you'd like to hear some music production samples? If you're in advertising or production and are interested in anything related to radio, tv, commercial music, or general post-production music for audio or video presentations, check out the "Production Demo". Need to compliment a video, animation, or film sequence? Check out the "Film Score Demo". Just wanna hear jingles? You know where to go. Better yet, download all of them, and hear the variety that custom music can offer!

Production Demo

The all-in-one demo. A must-download for ad agencies & production houses! Includes post-production music scores, music beds, on-hold music, and jingles.

Film Score Demo
A must-download for film-makers, production houses, or anyone in need of an original soundtrack to compliment their visual masterpiece.

Jingle Demo
Just a few radio/tv jingles to get stuck in your head!

More Demos