In my many years of being in and out of bands, I am finally putting out an APB for some intelligent, killer musicians in the central PA area (York, Lancaster, Harrisburg). Perferably in the age range of 25-35. My main instrument is guitar, and I also play keys as well. I am looking to form a rock trio, something similar to my favorite band of all time, Rush or The Police. I am not looking to replicate these bands, but my writing/playing style is similar. Drummer and bassist must be tight rhythmically, with writing experience, and vocal ability is a plus. Absolutely no drugs or addictions. Just a genuine love of writing original music, getting out there and playing, with no attachments to "making it" or becoming famous.

We can of course play covers here and there, but I want to mostly concentrate on original music. I don't want the writing to focus on the typical "love song" or really anything that's on the air today. I want to write about meaningful things, philosophical thoughts, or the spiritual aspect of life (nothing religious). Do you have a natural curiousity about life, what it means, and what is out there?

I use Rush as an example of what I want to accomplish, not because I want to replicate their music, but I'd like to carry on their philosophy.
As a band they evolved as the years went on, and they truly do define progressive rock - not because their music is weird or complicated, but because their music evolves with every album they put out. They weren't afraid to try new things. They are 3 blue-collared guys with families, who never "sold out" and were never concerned about being mainstream. They stayed true to their music.

If you fit the description and are the same wavelength as I am, please contact me, and send me any samples of your stuff if you have any. I know the right musicians are out there.